Sharda Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendra

Empowering Environmental Conservation And Social Protection

With the mission to preserve, protect, conserve and care for the environment, we are committed to liberate the planet earth from environmental deterioration from terrain, sub-terrain and atmospheric contamination occurred by rampant technological and human abuse of natural resources.

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Empowering communities for a greener and sustainable tomorrow.

Sharda Paryavaran is a dedicated NGO committed to environmental conservation and sustainable development. Through innovative initiatives, we strive to create awareness, promote eco-friendly practices, and protect our precious ecosystems. Together, we work towards a greener future, fostering harmony between humans and nature.


  • AIDS Awareness
  • Drug Addiction
  • Awareness
  • Food Security
  • Nutritional
  • Awareness for Women and Children
  • Water Conservation and Self Drinking Water Awareness programme
  • Motivational Programs for Rural Youth
  • Eye Donation Programme and awareness
  • Yuva Training Programme
  • Girl Education and Training Programme
  • Road Safety Programme and Training
  • Handicraft Vocational Training Programme
  • Birth Control
  • Training and Conservation of vegetables and fruits​
  • Sewing and Weaving Training
  • Typewriter Training
  • Consumer Welfare Programme
  • Cancer Cure Programme
  • Sanitation Programme
  • Legal Support for domestic violence, dowry and harassment child-labor victims
  • Rehabilitation programmes​


Age-specific support for every stage

Gender Empowerment

SPSK empowers women by bridging the gap in reported crimes. They establish "Mahila Rakshak Samiti," a free legal counseling unit in rural areas. Their mission is swift and free justice for women affected by crimes like infanticide, dowry, and domestic violence. SPSK provides counseling and educates on women's rights to combat gender harassment and promote empowerment.

Child Protection

We've partnered with UNICEF on child protection, targeting child labor eradication. Our focus is banning domestic and restaurant labor for children under 14. We specialize in rescuing bonded labor children and providing them free education. Additionally, we identify and support orphans from farmer and weaver communities in India, facilitating financial sponsorship or adoption by NRIs from their respective villages.

Dalit Justice

Dalits in India face 140 forms of discrimination, exposing flaws in the Hindu system. SPSK addresses Dalit rights by providing free legal counseling, pursuing PILs for effective implementation of the SC/ST (POA) Act, organizing consultations, and pressuring authorities to protect Dalits. They advocate for implementation of the Act and safeguarding Dalit lives and properties through lobbying and mass action.



We prioritize aggressive afforestation and curbing deforestation for environmental conservation. Through grassroots initiatives, innovative awareness schemes, and capacity building projects, we aim to create an environmental movement. Our goal is systematic afforestation, involving government and public school children, with the vision of repairing environmental damage and achieving 1% annual increase in forest cover.

Wildlife Conservation

SPSK aids wildlife conservation in India through digital monitoring and a national web portal. We focus on capacity building, educating communities, combating poaching, relocating villages, controlling grazing, assessing ecosystem damage, and promoting sustainable coexistence between humans and wildlife. Our efforts align with national policies and promote wildlife journalism.

Sustainable Agriculture

SPSK promotes agricultural entrepreneurship while protecting farmers' livelihoods. We offer capacity building, prevent land alienation, and educate farmers on biodiversity renewal. By partnering with institutions and organizations, we address market instability and support farmers through SHGs and credit linking with national banks.

What People say

Exceptional dedication to environmental conservation, innovative initiatives, and empowering communities make SHARDA PARYAVARAN the best choice. Their impactful work has made a significant difference in preserving nature and fostering sustainable practices, setting a new standard for environmental excellence.
Amit Yadav

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