About us

"A single person of wisdom firmly rooted in the society has a value and significance equivalent to a thousand or even ten thousand people."

Championing environmental preservation and sustainable practices for a better world.

Sharada Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendra, a registered society dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment. 

Our mission is to liberate the planet from environmental deterioration caused by technological and human abuse of natural resources. We also focus on poverty alleviation programs, education, gender issues, children’s rights, and sustainable development. 

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Sharada Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendra, a registered society (#211/97-98, FCRA #136510009), is committed to preserving and protecting the environment.

Our mission is to free the Earth from environmental deterioration caused by human abuse of natural resources.


Mr. Shailesh Rai

We are an environmental organization that focuses on a wide range of issues, from environmental campaigns and literacy to social challenges like human rights and AIDS awareness. We use digital tools for research and collaborate with local and international partners. Our goal is to foster eco-literacy, sustainable development, and a strong environmental movement. JOIN US

Impactful Initiatives

Sharda Paryavaran drives impactful environmental initiatives for sustainable community benefits.

Holistic Approach

NGO prioritizes holistic environmental conservation for biodiversity, climate, and community.

Community Empowerment

Sharda Paryavaran empowers communities for sustainable environmental conservation.

Innovation and Adaptability

Sharda Paryavaran: Innovative, adaptable environmental stewardship addressing evolving challenges.


Sharada Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendra has the vision to create a clean and green environment along with poverty- free civil society while undertaking and generating projects of highest standards providing environmental, biospheric and socio-economic urgent repair fostering an eco-friendly, egalitarian and ocio- economically self-reliant society by training, educating, promoting, inspiring, motivating and constructively engaging socio-economically backward individuals.
The performance in excellent project delivery would be instilled through capacity building by core training, research and timely, accurate and orderly project implementation by simultaneously stimulating meaningful research and urgency based spatio-contemporaneous service to planet earth and humankind while working with nature for nature fostering sustainable development.


Sharada Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendra is committed not only to preserve, protect, and conserve the environment but also to socio-economically alleviate the downtrodden masses of rural India ensuring sustainable development.

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